Help to sail through your T1D pregnancy if you’re expecting

My friend Ginger Vieira, who used to be a staple on the social media circuit, took a break a little more than  a year ago to have her wonderful daughter Lucy. Naturally Lucy is already making her social media debut in the video below.  And naturally, Ginger’s back wanting to help other women with type 1 who are pregnant to sail through their pregnancy safely and without hitting any troublesome storms.

Ginger and CDE Jennifer Smith, from noted CDE Gary Scheiner’s office, are half way through writing their Guide to Pregnancy with type 1 diabetes. To cover the publishing costs they’ve just kicked off a kickstarter campaign. Have a look and help them bring this to all the women who have hardly any resources to have a safe pregnancy and healthy child. I do have to say I know few women who are more kind, earnest smart, and best of all now, an expert on this topic to learn from.

You’ll find this on the kickstarter page amidst the sign up information:

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