Maybe we got obesity wrong

A moving, humble and heartfelt 15 minute talk by Dr. Peter Attia, who as a young surgeon, felt utter contempt for a diabetic patient he had to perform an amputation on. Couldn’t she have avoided getting fat? It’s not that hard, he thought, now she has to have her foot removed!

That judgment, and his own 40 pound weight gain and loss, made him think twice about obesity. Maybe we have this obesity thing all wrong he thought. Maybe it’s not obesity that causes insulin resistance, diabetes and metabolic syndrome  – but insulin resistance that causes obesity and these linked conditions.

I’ve heard this before and I think he’s right. The talk is well worth watching.

One thought on “Maybe we got obesity wrong

  1. Back in the day when I worked on a hospital floor, I’ve seen patients who had T2D and an amputation, yet were not overweight. T2D happens to thin & athletic people, too. Billy Jean King is a good example of this.

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