Presenting at IDF World Congress in Vancouver

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 10.26.20 AMI’m just about over jet lag having returned from San Francisco for DiabetesMine’s Innovation Summit. It was an exciting day meeting some great people and getting caught up on diabetes device usability.

Sunday the husband and I are off to Vancouver for the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) World Congress. IDF is the global advocacy diabetes organization and every two years about 12,000 clinicians, researchers, scientists and others in the diabetes space gather. They’ll also be the notable exhibition hall crammed with current and new products, devices and meds.

This year I am receiving the IDF Lecture Award in recognition of my diabetes education and advocacy. The Award graces me with the opportunity to give a lecture on the topic of my choice. You will find me, should you be there, Tuesday morning in Rm. 119 at 8:30 AM presenting, The Flourishing Approach: A way to treat and live with diabetes that goes beyond coping. Click here for details. I am introducing a different treatment approach for health professionals; in short, to shift their focus from the medical markers of diabetes to also involve patients and foster their strength, resilience, confidence and motivation through various tools.

The next morning Wednesday, also at 8:30 AM also in Rm. 119, the husband and I will be presenting in the Living with Diabetes stream. Our presentation is titled, How living with diabetes helps our relationship grow. We will share how diabetes has gone from mine to  “ours,” strategies we’ve developed for making life with diabetes easier for both of us, and how it has brought us even closer as a couple. Click here for details.

If you’re at the conference please do come to our sessions.

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