Grain Brain author and neurologist David Perlmutter says, “Fat is your friend, carbs are not”

Perlmutter says carbs are shrinking your brain and causing higher rates of Alzheimers. The author of Grain Brain in this interview says it’s faulty science that led us all to abandon fat and eat more carbs. If you’ve read my writing before you know I am all about eating low carb and healthy fat – avocado, nuts, seeds, olive and coconut oil.

So why does the American Diabetes Association and Heart Association continue to push carbs and make us scared of fat? Well, it’s hard to turn the Titanic around;  they changed the American diet and sold us on the fear of fat and embracing carbs. I’ve heard it more than once now our bodies require protein and fat but do not require carbohydrate. If you lower your carbs, you start burning fat, healthfully, for energy.

What we eat affects our gene expression, it influences which of our genes turn on.

One thought on “Grain Brain author and neurologist David Perlmutter says, “Fat is your friend, carbs are not”

  1. I was diagnosed with diabetes recently and couldn’t help wondering how and why diabetes is caused. I found that there were infact two types of diabetes .Type 1 diabetes is caused by insufficient production of insulin by our pancreas . Apparently insulin controls blood sugar levels in our body. I was told that type 1 diabetes is found in children majorly. It can be triggered due to auto immune disorders and often is hereditary

    Type 2 diabetes on the other hand is caused when cells do not function correctly with insulin. While type 2 may too be hereditary some say it can caused due to obesity. I was concerned whether mine was hereditary so looked up #medinfi #forum and found that it can be caused by my laid back lifestyle as I do not exercise much and I guess I have contracted too much weight too

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