DPAC launches to bring diabetes issues to lawmakers

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 3.20.47 PM

So who is DPAC? Well, you are if you want to make your voice heard to the power-mongers in Washington voting on diabetes policies.

DPAC, which stands for Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition, is the result of two (and I’m sure many more) amazing DOC advocates, blogger Christel Marchand Aprigliano and Bennet Dunlap, creator of the StripSafely initiative. It’s our opportunity to become a well, if not pressure group (one can dream), a pressing group, to let decision-makers know what we need, what we want, what it’s like living with diabetes and to widen their view to see us – and keep that spotlight lit.

DPAC takes the work out of knowing and/or reaching your congress person or local representative, it’s all been done for you. DPAC is a central station for us to voice our concerns, easily, quickly and with all the power that doing so as a unified body brings. DPAC is:

  • One website to learn about the issues impacting people with diabetes being decided by lawmakers and governmental agencies and then tell them quickly how you feel.
  • A few clicks and you’re done.

Here’s more from Cristel to sign up and learn how to add your voice to issues on diabetes safety, quality and access. I most like this benefit, DPAC will keep policy makers’ attention on people with diabetes. Join the groundswell, your voice will find a chorus here and in that is a very powerful force for change.

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