Doctors Tell All – And It’s Bad

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The recent article, “Doctors Tell All – And It’s Bad,” published in The Atlantic is confirmation how troubled our healthcare system is, with a new twist, how unhappy doctors are caught smack in the middle.

Meghan O’Rourke describes doctors’ difficulties, our system’s breakdown and the effect on patients’ care, outcomes and comfort. 

Some notable excerpts:

Without being fully aware of it, what I really wanted all along was a doctor trained in a different system, who understood that a conversation was as important as a prescription; a doctor to whom healing mattered as much as state-of-the-art surgery did. 

“Yet empathy is anything but a frill: not only is it crucial to doctors’ humanity and patients’ dignity, it can be key to medical efficacy. The rate of severe diabetes complications in patients of doctors who rate high on a standard empathy scale, Ofri notes, is a remarkable 40 percent lower than in patients with low-empathy doctors. “This is comparable,” she points out, “to the benefits seen with the most intensive medical therapy for diabetes.”

Medicine today values intervention far more than it values care.”

I long have been following the writing of doctors who have been themselves chronicling how care has gone missing from healthcare – Doctors Danielle Ofri, Sandeep Jauhar , Victoria Sweet, Rachel Naomi Remen. 

This is another worthwhile read to understand what’s really below the icecap.

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