Send your thoughts about living with diabetes directly to the FDA


Six days ago, Adam Brown, T1D and senior editor of diatribe, sent out a call to the Diabetes Online Community – to encourage people with diabetes to take a 5 minute survey. The survey results will go directly to the FDA and inform a groundbreaking patient=led discussion with the FDA November 3.

The event will include patients, both with type 1 and 2, representatives from the American Diabetes Association, JDRF and diaTribe. Presented, will be the numerous challenges we face every day – that’s what will be captured in the survey. Those insights will then be shared directly with the FDA.

Help us tell the FDA what matters to us and what we need, including what the biggest barriers to diabetes management are. This truly is an event where your voice will be heard and will count.

Immediately, numerous patient advocates in the DOC took up the cause to spread the word. Here’s a quick from the heart video appeal from  fellow advocate Manny Hernandez.   

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