Help get Nagbot on his feet – a virtual caregiver from Lifebringer

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Herb Meehan lost his vision in one eye due to diabetes. “I was a TERRIBLE diabetic,” he wrote me. “I didn’t test regularly and when I lost my vision something inside me snapped.” Herb’s snap caused him to spend two years creating an intelligent software and voila Nagbot was born – an avatar buddy currently helping hundreds of people with diabetes. 

As Herb wrote, “I created Nagbot because way too many diabetics need encouragement to test regularly. I engineered this avatar into the application to be caring, like my wife, because not everyone has someone like that to help them.” This cute little avatar Nagbot reminds people to test, stores blood sugar and a1c results, gives positive reinforcement and as Herb says, is just bad ass. 

Below is some more info from Herb, including a bit of his story, and, Nagbot’s future is hanging in the balance on Herb’s Kickstarter campaign that you can be a part of. 

Message from Herb

My name is Herb Meehan. I’m a type 2 diabetic and the creator ofLifebringer, a free diabetes management tool available to anyone with an internet connection. 

Lifebringer is a web application that is at home on your computer, tablet, and mobile device. Lifebringer goes beyond simply storing data. It’s a diabetic journal, blood sugar test reminder system, test strip inventory manager, report viewer, and encourager. 

What makes Lifebringer unique is Nagbot. Think of Nagbot as your virtual caregiver. Nagbot helps you remember to test. Nagbot talks to you in plain English (no medical jargon used). And if your blood sugar is too low or too high, Nagbot suggests what you should do. If it’s within range, Nagbot happily encourages you to keep it up, as in keep checking. Nagbot also sends reminders and reports to you if you ask him to.

My Story

I was diagnosed back in 1999 and was on oral meds for the first few years. I eventually had to ditch the pills and go with insulin to manage my diabetes. It wasn’t enough though. A few years ago, I lost vision in one of my eyes due to complications with diabetes. Simply put, I didn’t do enough. After that event, I became the model diabetic. My wife and I began eating healthy, home-cooked meals, and I now test regularly.

Why we don’t like diabetic journals

Let’s face it – data entry sucks. One of the chores of using a diabetic log is that data input isn’t fun. Lifebringer is easy and streamlined. Lifebringer doesn’t just collect your blood sugar information but will also forecast your A1c (a snapshot of the last three months of your blood sugar control). Here’s a look:

We have turned to Kickstarter to fund this dream and we’re hoping to continue to help everyone else with diabetes.  Please take some time to meet Nagbot.  My wife, Maryam, and I would be incredibly grateful if you would and also share or tweet this news. 

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