Could you have diabetes or pre-diabetes? Check your risk rate.

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1 in 4 of the 26 million people walking around with Type 2 diabetes don’t know they have it. And most of the 80 million people with pre-diabetes have no idea their blood sugar is higher than normal and damaging their body.

If diabetes runs in the family, you’re overweight and/or not very active, you’ve got the three dominant risk factors for Type 2 diabetes. 

Take the American Diabetes Association’s Risk Test right now and find out if you’re at risk for type 2 diabetes. Just answer a few simple questions about your weight, age, and family history. 

If you find you are at risk, make an appointment to talk to your doctor and get a fasting blood sugar test immediately.  

If you’ve never had your blood sugar tested, it’s a simple blood draw at the doctor’s office or a lab. That’s all it takes. 

Pre-diabetes, or what I call Stage 1 of Type 2 diabetes, is when your blood sugar is higher than normal, yet not high enough to diagnose diabetes. But you want to know if you have Stage 1 diabetes. 

With higher than normal blood sugar, many of the complications of full blown diabetes like vision problems and neuropathy – a tingling or loss of sensation in your feet – may already be occurring in your body.

And within five to ten years, many people with Stage 1 diabetes go on to get full blown Type 2 diabetes.

If this simple risk evaluation, marks you at risk do something about it. Get a blood test, then find out how to start eating healthier, getting more activity and you may need medication.

The sooner you know, the sooner you can delay and/or prevent diabetes and that’s something you definitely want to do.  

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