The marvelous cartoonist Haidee Merritt

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 4.31.29 PM

Here’s my solution for diabetes burnout. Pick up a book with Haidee Merritt’s fabulous, funny, satirical cartoons. 

You can find them on her website, as well as in my book, “Diabetes Do’s & How-To’s.” They are little energy-boosters in your diabetes instruction manual.

After all, we’ve all heard it, “laughter is the best medicine.” And, once you:

• know how many pills/insulin to take for each meal and snack

• test your blood sugar ten times a day

• get your hour power walk in

• bypass that chocolate muffin for a carrot 

• do some hot, sweaty yoga to get rid of all your stress

…you are definitely ready for a belly laugh. Just don’t look down at your belly while you’re taking it or you’ll be upset all over again.

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