Happy Holidays from the Blue Mountains of Australia


We spent last weekend, and will spend this weekend, in the Blue Mountains of Australia. Two hours from Sydney, it’s a stunningly beautiful area, graced with a huge variety of shades of blue and green trees and other foliage, thus its name. 

Of course we knew our friend’s property had suffered a terrible fire two months ago; the worst fire on the mountain in 50 years. She saw it unexpectedly roll right over her hilltop and then carry its blaze quickly and decisively. She worked all night tip 2 in the morning, with the volunteer fire brigade and neighbors, to save as many trees as possible, and her home. 

The house is untouched. 15 acres of trees are burnt. As we walk the trail behind her house we see many uprooted, hollow. The community of 200 residents on the mountain, who pitched in in every possible way, are closer than ever. And my friend? She mourns the loss of all the work she had invested planting trees and vegetables, creating an amazing flower garden, and now having to start over. Of course there are economic costs as well.

Luckily, being the stalwart individual she is, she is also able to see a certain beauty in what remains. The charred trees are a panorama in black, grey and orange. Their shapes are quite remarkable. And many are going through a process of photosynthesis; green and red leaves (how perfect for Christmas) are sprouting along their trunks. 

Like the trees’ display of resilience, my friend appreciates the view now open of the mountains around her and she is working with renewed vigor and focus to rebuild and reshape.

Of course I would tell you there’s a message here for living with diabetes; to rouse ourselves to see something beneficial from our new state and have a deeper appreciation for all we have and a renewed commitment to rebuild and reshape our lives. Resilience, the power of nature and very human.

Happy Holidays. I hope you enjoy all the gifts all around you, particularly those that come not tied with ribbons, but with open hands and hearts.

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