What’s coming up for Diabetes Month?



When I read something useful in the diabetes biosphere I want to make it known and accessible to you here. 

Today’s post on DiabetesMine well captures a number of upcoming events for next month, Diabetes Month. 

One event I will single out is the Big Blue TestIf you have diabetes, are mobile, and haven’t participated in the test yet, you owe it to yourself to correct that. 

No, no dates and facts to study. Rather, you will see first-hand how just 14 minutes of an activity of your choice lowers your blood sugar. 

And, as we roll into Diabetes Month, if you missed it, here is my list of greatdiabetes resources. After all, I always tell fellow PWDs, “the more you know the better you do.” 

And, while somehow I mistakenly omitted DiabetesMine.com, a top news- reporting site from my list, I read it almost daily to know what’s going on regards devices, meds, the FDA and all things diabetes. 

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