You don’t walk alone with diabetes

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While I’ve been sharing each Thursday d-lessons to help you develop emotional strength to manage your diabetes, these are also ways to meet any challenge life may throw at you. So, here’s today’s excerpt from my inspirational D-book,

“The ABCs Of Loving Yourself With Diabetes.”


When you have faith that you can meet the challenge of diabetes you do not walk alone. You have a direct channel to your inner strength and wisdom; a force that can help you accomplish almost anything. 

Don’t let your faith be beaten down by someone you knew who suffered with diabetes. They may not have had faith or made the best choices or had the benefit of all that’s available today to help manage diabetes.

No matter what, know that there are gifts to be found when you walk this road in faith. So put your worries down and trust yourself. Know that you have an inner well of strengths to draw on when you need them. If you “act as if” you are successful managing your diabetes, you will be.

Reflection: Recall a time you brought your heart and passion to something so fervently you didn’t doubt you would succeed. Decide now that you will bring this same spirit to how you manage your diabetes. Then “act as if” you already do.

As you might imagine, there are 26 more extensive life lessons in the book to help you develop the emotional resilience to manage diabetes – and any life challenge.

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