Is the cure for type 1 diabetes in sight? The DRI thinks so and it’s called BioHub.



When I was first contacted by the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) that they had news, I was curious. When I read the press release, I could feel the little hairs on my neck stand up. 

When I talked to Dr. Camillo Ricordi, DRI’s Scientific Director and Chief Academic Officer, about how close they feel they are to creating a biological cure for type 1 diabetes, as opposed to a mechanical cure like the artificial pancreas, I could feel both his doggedness and determination; he’s been working toward a cure for decades, and feels they’ve turned a corner. In his words, now all the needed technologies are coming together.

Anyone with type 1 diabetes, heard upon their diagnosis, that there’d be a cure within five to ten years. For me that was 41 years ago. And we’ve all heard lots of studies that report cures in mice. But this isn’t about mice, and whether the BioHub, what DRI is hoping will house islet (insulin-producing) cells that can be fully functioning in the body without anti rejection drugs becomes the cure, we will have to see – you got it, five to ten years. 

But I for one, do sense we’ve taken a quantum leap forward no matter what happens. And so does DRI. 


See my complete story on The Huffington Post

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