Two new diabetes food books worth chewing on



Not food in the sense of recipes and cooking, but food in the sense of how to eat healthy. This Spring I had the pleasure, along with several other women, to contribute to Amy Mercer’s new book, The Smart Woman’s Guide to Eating Right with Diabetes: What Will Work.

This is a great read if you’re still trying to figure out how to eat sensibly and not give up everything you love – and who among us isn’t to some degree? Amy shares her own struggle and successes with food and invites about 10 of us fellow smart, successful women with diabetes to share what we do so that we manage to control our blood sugar, and manage our carbs, while still eating things we love. Not only will you get tips, but I guarantee you will feel you have a community of women to hang out with while yore reading and a cheering squad who get “it”.

This is also an exceptional book for health care providers to get, and share, a real-life picture of what actually works for patients, rather than just dispense the standard dietary guidelines.

Two weeks ago I read Ginger Vieira’s new book, Emotional Eating with Diabetes: Your guide to creating a positive relationship with food. Ginger is not only an amazing diabetes videographer, power-lifter and writer, but she’s also a health coach. So when Ginger talks about ‘emotional eating’ she knows of what she speaks.

The book is big in size, yet short in pages. Just the right length to cover just the essential, most important topics regarding eating: both the difficulties and hardships, the battling and fighting food, and how to be more successful with an eating plan and staying positive. 

Ginger’s topics include: Habits that lead to overeating, Over-treating lows, (boy, don’t I remember early on eating everything in sight from pie to toast and jam, cookies and fruit, all at the same time, to get my blood sugar up!), Using food to stuff emotions and then coming into the light to develop a more positive relationship with food. 

Psychologist, Dr. Bill Polonsky writes the forward and there are several worksheets in the book, for as any good coach does, Ginger asks you to do the work. You’ll also get Ginger’s insightful questions to help you, and her mantra, which I love, which is that we are all a work in progress. 


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