4 Ways To Boost Diabetes Funding and Holiday Cheer


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‘Tis the season to be jolly, and I can’t think of an easier, faster way than by doing something for someone else. As my own financial planner, who’s still dealing with the fall-out from Hurricane Sandy, said to me recently, life’s not about money or possessions, it’s about friends and family and who will take you in when you need it.

So I did a little investigation and saw there are four ways in which you might like to spread some holiday cheer and “take someone in” who has diabetes. These four worthy causes help fund diabetes research, put a smile on a child’s face, let someone know you care about them, and are guaranteed to turn a little glow light on in your heart.

Santa and the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation have joined up. With a $15 donation, Santa will send a personalized letter to your child, niece, nephew, grandchild, or anyone you designate, anywhere in the world — complete with a North Pole stamp! Santa will even congratulate your child for how well they’ve been taking care of their diabetes if you wish. You supply the letter’s details. How can you lose? A child goes to bed happy and we all take a step closer to the cure. Deadline: Dec. 18 at midnight.

A Tribute Through JDRF. It’s a true tribute to recognize someone special by making a gift in their name through JDRF’s “Make a Tribute Donation program. The person whose name you donate in receives a letter that they were honored by you. I know I’d feel rich if someone did that for me. 

American Diabetes Association’s Gift of Hope. Founded in 1971 by parents of children with diabetes, “Gift of Hope” has raised more than $24 million to help find a cure for diabetes. You’ll find an array of beautiful and affordable gifts, from candles, cards and ornaments to jewelry, kitchenware and travel gear — and 100% of the profits go to fund research for the millions of children and adults living with diabetes.

The ABCs Of Loving Yourself With Diabetes. This is my first book, from which each year I donate a portion of the proceeds to organizations making life better for those of us living with diabetes. Its inspiring, positive and educational essays guide you to develop greater self-love, strength, appreciation and emotional resilience, which makes managing diabetes easier. Plus, the fanciful, colorful drawings make it a perfect read for adults and families alike, as you can see above. Donations have been made to the Diabetes Research Institute, JDRF, Diabetes Hands Foundation among others.

So don’t miss the opportunity to give yourself a gift this holiday season. Make a choice above that changes a life. That truly is the greatest gift of all.

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