You have a great diabetes team and resource in diaTribe



diaTribe is the consumer monthly newsletter from Close, a grassroots company making patients, researchers, clinicians and pharma smarter about diabetes to improve how we live with diabetes. 

Close Concern’s Founder, Kelly Close, guides each issue of diatribe as Editor-in-Chief, and Adam Brown, diaTribe’s Managing Editor, both have type 1 diabetes. Several other contributing editors do as well.

Each month or so, the latest issue pops into my inbox covering a wealth of knowledge on diabetes, and relatedly, obesity. I get to read about the newest medicines, devices, studies, trials, posts from fellow diabetes advocates and insightful interviews with industry leaders, as the team criss crosses the country attending medical and health conferences. 

Perhaps, particularly as people here try to get their life back on track after Hurricane Sandy, and I am reeling from election fatigue, reading these two stories I found myself grateful, and invigorated by a device advance in the field, and the wisdom and humanity of one of our great endos, Dr. Anne Peters. 

Dexcom’s G4 Platinum CGM – A review of Dexcom’s new improved continuous glucose monitor

diaTribe Dialogue – An interview with the exceptional Dr. Anne Peters. 

If you’d like to get more informed, you can sign up for your free copy of diatribe here


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