“Sugar Babies” film shows wrenching rise in childhood diabetes, and needs funding

Even after living with type 1 diabetes 40 years, tears sprung to my eyes watching the trailer of “Sugar Babies”, the rising epidemic of diabetes in children. Two and three year olds taking shots and pricking their fingers constantly like 4-year old Caidence above. Ten year olds with type 2 diabetes largely because we’re larger. 

Jenny Mackenzie, mother of a type 1 daughter, and award-winning filmmaker is trying to raise $30,000 to finish her eye-opening film on childhood diabetes. Whether you contribute any money or not, a dollar or ten or nothing, watch, you will be moved. You will remember when children live this way what it really is to be, and to have, a child with diabetes.

Isn’t it time that people really understood what it’s like to live with diabetes, and we make it known?

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