American Diabetes Association conference highlights


I want to tip my hat tonight to my colleague Amy Tenderich over at for her reporting on the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) annual conference that just ended today. 

Once a year the best and the brightest get together to report out new scientific research discoveries, this year as you might imagine there was a lot of discussion about the artificial pancreas closed loop system. It’s also the best place to roam through the exhibition hall and see what new devices are coming to market, and I hear there are also now presentations on the behavioral aspect of managing diabetes.

Amy wrote two posts on what she found there which I encourage you to take a look at. It’s an easy way to get yourself up to date pretty quickly on what’s going on in diabetes research and products and catch some of the highlights of the conference:

What’s Hot from ADA 2012

ADA 2012: Diabetes Company Updates from the Expo Floor

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