Dr. Oz’s SharecareNow picks “Top Ten Diabetes Influencers”


Top Ten Diabetes Influencers

Ten diabetes advocates in the online diabetes community – including yours truly – have been recognized by a new service from Dr. Mehmet Oz and partners called SharecareNow. The company’s mission is to help simplify the search for high-quality online healthcare information. They’ve just released SharecareNow 10 – their list of the top ten people reaching and impacting audiences, from mainstream news sites and personal blogs to community forums and Facebook

I’m honored to be on this list along with many fellow advocates and bloggers whom I know, and also know how hard they work helping to inform, educate and inspire all of us. 

Here’s the list: 

1) Amy Tenderich, DiabetesMine™ 
2) Kerri Sparling, Six Until Me 
3) Kelly Close, Close Concerns 
4) Manny Hernandez, Tu Diabetes / Ask Manny 
5) Leighann Calentine, D-Mom Blog 
6) Riva Greenberg, The Huffington Post 
7) Kelly Kunik, Diabetesaliciousness™ 
8) Elizabeth Woolley, About.com – Type 2 Diabetes / Diabetic Mommy 
9) Kim Vlasnik, Texting My Pancreas / You Can Do This Project 
10) Scott Johnson, Scott’s Diabetes

Diabetes is the first health area SharecareNow is recognizing. Jeff Arnold, chairman and chief architect of Sharecare says in their press release, the diabetes online community has exploded in the past decade, with people relying on these top influencers for credible and reliable information to help them effectively manage their disease, while also finding support through their online relationships. SharecareNow hopes to enable these key influencers and medical professionals to connect and expand the conversation, with the goal of reducing disease rates and improving the health of millions of people.”  

I don’t yet know how SharecareNow intends to do that, but it’s a good goal and I’m curious. If SharecareNow can help carry what we all do further, that’s a win/win/win: for us, for them and mostly for patients.

Along with Mr. Arnold and Dr. Oz, Oprah’s Harpo Studios is a partner. Of course I always did want to be a guest on Oprah, somehow I thought I’d be sitting in a couch in Chicago instead of my computer!

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