Your old cell phone can buy life-saving, in time, care

Chelsea Clinton wants your phone!

This is such a great cause. Chelsea Clinton and supermodel Christy Turlington Burns have started an action at George Washington University – that you can be part of – to collect old cell phones so women in Congo and Nepal can get critical care fast. 

Money from the sales of your recycled phone will be used to buy new phones and given to women in developing countries so they can get vital information from far-away health care providers and connect for critical hands-on care in life-saving time. It’s about taking an old cell phone and creating a health care infrastructure where none exists. 

Your donated phone will generate two to three new cell phones. Smartphones can yield five to 20 cell phones. 

To donate your phone, ipad, ipod, digital camera or other mobile devices,register here, fill out the ticket Information, click “Register” and you’ll be led to a registration page. Fill it out, click “Complete Registration” and you’ll be led to a page that says “Order Confirmation.” Click on “Hope Phones mailing label” and you’ll be provided a Prepaid Shipping label to affix on a padded envelope and drop in the mail. 

The postage is free, the padded envelope is on you. 

In these days of all bad news all the time, this is a great way to make a huge difference in the lives of others.

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