A New, All Natural Glucose Tablet

All natural glucose tablets



Ten days ago, while presenting at theTCOYD event in Tampa, I wandered around the Exhibition Hall looking to see what’s new – and I actually found something, and someone.

I found Chris Angell, a young man with type 1 diabetes standing behind a table with his product, GlucoLift

GlucoLift is, unlike other glucose tablets, all-natural. It contains no artificial color, flavoring or dextrose from genetically modified corn.

GlucoLift contain the same 4 grams of glucose/per tablet as the glucose tablets you’re familiar with and come in three flavors: Orange Cream, which Chris likened to those creamsicles of yore, with which I agree, Cherry and Wildberry. While taste is personal, and I didn’t find they taste that different than regular glucose tablets, I do like the idea of no artificial ingredients. 

GlucoLift also have the advantage of a flip-cap top on their sleeve of tablets. It’s a one hand operation, easier to open when working with a muddled brain, heart palpatations and shaky hands from a low. These tabs also carry the banner of being the 1st “TCOYD approved” product.

Since GlucoLift are more expensive than other glucose tablets here’s a sweet introductory offer: Go to Amazon (or hit the “Buy Now on Amazon.com” button on the GlucoLift web site) and enter either of these two codes for a 15% discount. If you enter “TCOYD15G” a portion of the sale will go to benefit TCOYD. Enter “IN15GLUC” and a portion of the sale will go to benefit Insulin Independence, an organization helping people with diabetes maximize their management capabilities and reach their personal fitness goals.

We’ll have to see what comes next from this Angell. Chris admits if he could  alter the laws of physics he’d fit 15 grams of glucose into one chewable tablet the size of a breath mint. Ah, we can dream, can’t we?

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