I’ve been in some great diabetes company lately


Phil Southerland

It’s been a quick changeover to fall here in the Northeast, rain, rain, rain, and I feel myself both speeding up and slowing down. Bizarre.

Over the last week I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to interview three diabetes leaders whose stories will show up in the next two months in my Huffington Post series on diabetes change agents: Phil Southerland, founder of Team Type 1 and author of his early memoir, Not Dead Yet, his indomitable mother Joanna Southerland, who made sure none of the dire predictions for Phil, diagnosed with type 1 at seven months would come true,  and Brandy Barnes, founder of the incredibly supportive space for women around the block and around the globe, DiabetesSisters.

This Friday I take off for the Left Coast where I’ll be doing an A1c Champion program in Portland, Oregon on the 14th and visiting with two other great diabetes advocates, Healther Clute and Jeff Horacek who co-host the program, ‘Transforming Diabetes.” In fact the plan is rather than my making a third appearance on their show, I’m turning the tables and interviewing them. Something to listen for on the show’s podcasts.

So between now and then the husband leaves once again for Holland where he does most of his work, that means cleaning the house after letting things pile up for two months, and I meet with my YMCA coach who’s leading me through a 12 week class of cardio and weight lifting. Oy! 

Maybe packing my suitcase tomorrow will count as weight lifting! Don’t you think?

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