Hold onto your center

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Katie Couric was on the morning news Today show last week and said something that stuck in my head. “Some days you’re the pigeon and some days you’re the statue.” It’s a quote from a book by news woman Linda Ellerbee.


Couric raised it talking about how when she first moved from the anchor desk of the ever-popular Today Show to host the CBS Evening news, she seemed to have immediately morphed from a pigeon into a statue: Every critic (shit on) found fault with her.   


It’s such a simple, freeing statement, “some days you’re the pigeon and some days you’re the statue.” It reminds me that there will be days I’ll be doing great and other days, for whatever reason, someone may want to find fault. So be it. What’s true is, when other’s find fault it usually has nothing to do with you – it’s their stuff.  Hold onto your center.


It’s comforting I think to be reminded that’s just how life is – for all of us. And it’s a great visual to remind yourself of when things seem dark. So, when you are the statue, just hold tight. One day you will look around and realize you, my friend, are once again a mighty pigeon. 

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