How do you want to be remembered?

In my youth…


but you wondered, didn’t you?


I watched Piers Morgan last night on CNN covering the death of Elizabeth Taylor. Yes, she was gorgeous. Yes, she was an icon. Yes, she had 8 husbands, was bold and bawdy and may well be our last “movie star.”

What I also noticed, beside the talkingcelebrity tributes, was at each commercial break they showed tweets from Elizabeth’s celebrity friends memorializing her. 

Elton John, James Earl Jones, Liza Minelli, Angela Lansbury, Dick Cavett, Larry King, Kirstie Alley, Michael Caine, Steve Martin. They were all tweeting what you might call tiny little obituaries. Really, what you’d want your friends to say about you when you die. Like, “She taught me a lot about suffering and joy.” “She had a wicked sense of humor I loved.” “She was passionate about everything and did so much good for the world.”

It’s long been a life-coach exercise to have people write their own obituary to think what they’d like to be remembered for, and then create that life. Somehow seeing it as 140 or less word tweets makes it seem so much more doable. 

So I’m thinking maybe we should all write a few tweets about ourselves that we’d like people to use after we’re gone – and then go about creating that life now. 

When I die I’d like people to tweet (of course I realize by then tweeting will have been replaced by something else, but I’ll use it for now):

“She made me think about my life and helped me make it better. And god she was funny!!!.”

Your turn. 

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