NYC’s “Pouring on the Pounds” campaign is a scare tactic

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I just wrote on the Huffington Postabout the public service announcement NYC’s Health Department is running. It ends tomorrow. 

If you live in the city you’ve probably seen it on TV or in a subway poster. The city is trying to get New Yorkers to give up their sugary sodas and other sugar-laced drinks in an attempt to cut down on obesity and diabetes. 

You’ll see in my article, while I don’t fault their intent, I take issue with their tactics – fear. And fear unfortunately does not motivate behavior change.

As if eliminating sweetened drinks isn’t enough, a week ago we learned we’re not even safe drinking diet soda. Diet soda has now been linked to greater risk of stroke and other heart problems. 

People who drank diet soda daily were 48% more likely to have a vascular event during the nine years in which they were followed. Well maybe we have a short reprieve as the study lead, Hannah Gardener, said the findings are “too preliminary to suggest any dietary advice.”

Then, two days ago on the morning news I heard the caramel coloring in sodas (and other products) may cause cancer. Get the picture? We’re all drinking at our own risk, unless you’re guzzling water. 

Of course my credo is to stick to foods mostly recognizable in nature and, as Michael Pollan says, ones where you can pronounce the ingredients. 

Leave your vote on HuffPost as to what you think.

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