Sharing insights on ‘Transforming Diabetes’

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 5.00.24 PMLessons from 38 years of my journey with diabetes

I had the pleasure of beinginterviewed on a fantastic radio show coming out of Portland, Oregon by two deeply caring health professionals. 

Heather Clute, counselor, wellness coach, and a type 1 herself, and MD Jeff Horacek, were the hosts who teased out my story (not that it takes much teasing) of my 38 year journey with diabetes and what I’ve learned along the way to stay emotionally strong; rising to the challenge of managing diabetes and doing my best every day – well, most days 😉 O.K., we did discuss whether diabetes is a disease or a condition, and I said it “depends on the day.” 

I love the title of this radio show from Integrated Diabetes Care – ‘Transforming Diabetes.’ It’s what I’ve learned to do after many years of living with it; use it as a catalyst to stay healthy, appreciate what I have and help others, which gives me profound joy and satisfaction. 

My talk will give you some tools to stay strong and a lift. We’ll be doing a Part II specific to tools for “Flourishing with Diabetes,” living in that space where you make diabetes “a part of” your life not the “whole of it” and look forward, not backward, to creating your best life. I’ll be sure to post that when it’s done. 

After the podcast, check out the Show Archive too. You’ll find leaders in the field like Susan Guzman from Behavioral Diabetes Institute and topics as diverse as overcoming depression, Robert Keegan’s work on investigating assumptions, reversing type 2 diabetes, mindfulness meditation, holiday eating and more. 


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