TCOYD sets patients up for success

A1cs go from 12% down to 7%

I’m piggybacking today off of Amy Tenderich’s blog post over at DiabetesMine, Inside TCOYD’s Extreme Diabetes Makeover ‘Reality Series.’ The reason being I found watching this trailer of Taking Control of Your Diabetes’ extreme makeover program, extremely moving. 

It highlights some of what 7 patients discover getting control over their diabetes. On Amy’s blog you’ll find more about what the patients had to say and some advice for your own makeover from professionals like psychologist, Dr. William Polonsky.

While I have sculpted my routine to support my diabetes management, watching people at the beginning of their journey – maybe not at the beginning of their diagnosis, but the beginning of getting on track –  finding the strength within to do what’s necessary with the support of a professional diabetes team, and their patient-teammates, it touched my heart to see their success. I trust it will touch yours too and inspire you if you need to get on track. 

The full series of makeover episodes is on the TCOYD Extreme diabetes Makeover site. Take time while you’re there to also see if a TCOYD health day is coming to your local area next year.

(Double clicking on the video will let you see it larger on YouTube.) 

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