Right now get life-saving insulin to children in need

Save Thousands of Lives – Watch and Pass It On

All it takes to get 1 child 1 week of insulin is for you to watch this video. Pass it on and thousands of children will outlive their childhood.

(If you’re seeing this post w/o the video, click here.)

We’re attempting a rescue mission – to save as many lives as possible for kids with diabetes around the world who have no medicine. 

For every view, Roche Diabetes Care is making a donation (through the Diabetes Hands Foundation) to two diabetes rescue organizations:  “Insulin for Life” and “Life for a Child.”

With 100,000 views, Roche will make its top donation – $75,000. That’s where you come in. Watch, and pass it on to EVERYONE you know. Don’t stop when you’ve gone through your friends with diabetes and best friends. Almost everyone is touched by diabetes in some way. It will mean something to others and you don’t know who – so fire away!
  • Just $50 keeps a child alive in Ecuador for a year
  • 1 video hit will pay to transport medicine and supplies to 1 child for 1 week
  • Funds will educate children and their parents how to treat diabetes. It’s the only education most will get
My fellow video creators, Manny Hernandez of dhf and tudiabetes, and David Edelman of Diabetes Daily, and our producer, Sean Ross, and I and all these kids whose lives you’re about to save, thank you from the bottom of our d-hearts.

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