Designing healthy meals with the GoMeals app

UnknownGoMeals Application

I admit it – I use my ipad mostly to get and return emails when I’m on the road. But recently, while speaking in Bangor Maine, I saw a card on a vendor table for the GoMeals app by sanofi aventis. 

So I downloaded it. And I tried it. And I was impressed. It’s easy to use and has a ton of  information. To be exact, it stores a database of over 25,000 generic and brand food items and 20,000 restaurant menu foods. It even had my Trader Joe soup.  

GoMeals can help you create a meal, adding up your calories, carbs and fat grams as you place foods on your virtual plate. You can save your favorite meals, keep a food log and locate local restaurants. 

To get the app click here. Now if only it would do my laundry…

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