Gone Windmilling

The spirit is within you


Well, I would have said “Gone Fishing” but I never have. Rather, I’m off to Holland for 12 days, heading to the airport today. Since I’m in book mode lately, and going on a brief blogging-break, I thought I’d share some reading material from The ABCs Of Loving Yourself With Diabetes in my absence. The true benefit of self-publishing a book and having a blog.

This and the next two posts are pages from the book. I hope they give you renewed vitality and assurance (if you need them) to do just a little better than you’ve been doing managing your diabetes. I also hope they give you some peace and appreciation for who you are and that you manage a condition every day. 

Someone said to me recently, we are not ill. We were before and upon our diagnosis, but now it’s more accurate to say we live with a condition. A cde also said to me, How we live with that condition either makes us either better.

Let Your Energy Lift You

Often in life, even when you don’t know how you’re going to accomplish something, you discover that just by having a firm intention, the “how” to get the job done shows up. You see with new eyes, hidden doors seem to open, and solutions appear out of nowhere. Intention is so powerful that just by intending to better control your diabetes, you will. Why? Because you will naturally take the steps that support this intention.

Invention can also help you with your diabetes management. You can invent yourself anew as someone who manages diabetes well. See yourself in this new role by holding a mental picture of being a “diabetes pro.” See yourself performing your tasks effortlessly. Feel how relaxed and confident you are. You can become better at managing your diabetes by returning to these images often, or simply by taking healthier actions. Either way, you’ll be on the path to becoming a new you.  

Now let’s look at the power of illumination. You are illuminated, lit from within, when you realize something. For instance, if you know you don’t test your blood sugar as often as you should, or that you could be doing better with portion control, allow that truth to burn so brightly that it burns right through all your excuses — and ignites your intention to do better.

Last comes inspiration. Inspiration is a sense of excitement and purpose that comes from the center of your being. Inspiration unleashes your confidence, strength and power to get the job done. To connect with your inspiration, think about what gives your life meaning and purpose.

Intention, invention, illumination and inspiration are powerful energy forces, and are an intrinsic part of who you are. If you begin to trust them and invest in them, they can help you accomplish magical results beyond your wildest imagination.

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