“T” is for thank you Dex4

UnknownUse positive emotions to better manage diabetes

Every summer in Orlando, Florida, Children With Diabetes, an online community for families with diabetes, runs an amazing conference for families called “Friends for Life.” It’s just winding up today.

Children with diabetes come and play and make new friends (for life). Parents attend lectures to learn more about: managing diabetes, helping their children manage their diabetes, managing the emotions of having a child with diabetes and to bond with other families. There’s also access to a mini-vacation with Minnie and Mickie over at Disneyworld.

Every year since 2007 I’ve attended at least one diabetes conference. Friends for Life was the first diabetes conference I ever attended. It felt instinctive–at 54 I still was, and always will be, a child with diabetes. 

Since 2007, I have wanted to make my book, “The ABC’s Of Loving Yourself With Diabetes” available to families at Friends for Life. This year,Dex4 (manufacturer of glucose products) gave me the opportunity to donate 150 books and distribute them in their welcome gift bags that they handed out to new families attending the conference. 

I sincerely thank Dex4. I also hope as families leave the conference this year, buoyed with new learning, memories and friendships, that when they need a booster shot of strength again, they’ll dip into my book and find their way there. When you live with diabetes from a place of courage, confidence, forgiveness, patience, joy and pride, as my book guides you to, this ride utterly changes for the better. 

Dex4 is working, through both education and products, to help one always be prepared to correct a low blood sugar. I work with Dex4 upon occasion as a patient-expert advisor.

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