Aimee Mullins and her 12 pairs of legs


If you don’t know who Aimee Mullins is, you should. She’s an athlete, fashion model and inspiration on two prosthetic legs that often graces theTED stage.

Born with missing fibula bones, she had both her legs amputated below the knee when she was one year old. 

But Aimee has risen so far above her perceived handicap that she’s redefining how we see disability. 

She talks of the empowerment that can come from a perceived deficit and how we can, if we chose, be the architect of our lives, and identity. How the conversation is shifting from overcoming “deficiencies” and “disabilities” to having them augment us and our potential. And, she redefines “adversity” along the way.

In her quiet, unpretentious way, and with humor, she opens your mind to think differently and see your condition, whatever it be – for most of us it’s diabetes, as a launch pad for doing greater things.

This 10-minute video is, as are all her TED videos, smashing – for the places your mind will go and its visual richness, as she shares her dozen legs. In her tallest pair of legs, Mullins says she stands six feet one inch high. I think she stands far taller no matter which pair she may be wearing.  

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