New, less painful lancing device by One Touch


Delica Lancing Device – less pain, more labor 


Pelikan Sun – pain free but gone. Too costly for insurers 


Accucheck Multi-clix – a longtime favorite


I’ve been trying out a new lancing device sent to me by the public relations firm for One Touch. It’s called the OneTouch® Delica™ Lancing System and it’s available now at some retailers and will be available across the country mid-July.  

A few days after using it I emailed this report:


1. Thin needle and non-vibrating action makes lancing less painful than other similar devices (except for thePelikan Sun. However, I am sad to say it’s no longer being made.) 


1. Device is so lightweight that it’s sometimes hard to hold steady against my finger when lancing

2. Replacing one lancet at a time is time consuming and laborious

3. Thin needle is easy to bend, has happened already

I thought that would be that, and I’d return to my tried and true Accucheck Multi-clix. This is my favorite among typical lancing devices because it’s less painful and 6 lancets come in an easy-to-load drum.

But, I surprised myself. Every other time I lanced my finger I would reach for the Delica™, sturdiness be damned. 

I did actually find it less painful than the Multi-clix. And now I use it more often than my Multi-clix. Of course, I don’t change the lancets each time, probably after 6-10 finger pricks, and I’ll soon run out because my sample only came with 10 lancets. 

So I leave you to decide for yourself. 

The press copy says: 

The OneTouch Delica System features a new, proprietary 33 gauge lancet that is 40% thinner than current industry standard 28 gauge lancets.

In a clinical study of nearly 200 people with diabetes, 4 out of 5 reported the OneTouch Delica Lancing System was virtually painless/pain free and the most comfortable Lancing Device they have ever used.

And yes, I can attest to its non vibrating motion and 7 adjustable depth settings. 
The estimated retail price is $19.99 and includes 10 lancets. 100-count OneTouch Delica Lancets have an estimated retail price of $15.99. Both the device and lancets are covered by Medicare Part B and most private insurance plans.
Turns out quite by accident, Amy Tenderich over at DiabetesMine is also reviewing pain-free lancing devices today, so you can catch additional info. 
As for me, I still like that my Accucheck Multi-clix is sturdy, easy to hold and load so it doesn’t require fussing or touching the needle. 
Guess, I’ll have to make the big decision when my Delica™ lancets run out.

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