My heartfelt letter to Oprah


Because there were so many comments made on so many blogs in the diabetes community in reaction to Oprah’s show last week, “Diabetes: America’s Silent Killer,” while my intent was not to critique Oprah’s show in my first blog post for The Huffington Post, I felt a responsibility to do so. And so I have. 

My second post for HuffPost, An Open Letter To Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King, was accepted within 2 hours and is in the Entertainment Section. I sure do hope someone shows it to Oprah and Gayle.

If you’d like to know when I post on The Huffington Post, just sign up as a fan or get the RSS feed. Meanwhile, thank you for the encouragement, warmth and support you have given me to reach this vantage point just by stopping by.

Voices around the diabetes community

Oprah Does Diabetes, Kerri Sparling

Oprah Does Diabetes, But the Diagnosis? Fair to Poor, Hope Warshaw

Dear Oprah & Dr. Oz – The Diabetes Show – Major FAIL, Kelly Kunik

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