Just a little bionic

UnknowniPro sensor – 5-day CGM

Noticing I was becoming a sugar-testing junkie recently, I opted to get hooked up to a CGM for a 5 day trial period, save some finger skin and see if I could learn something. 

My recent addiction to knowing where my numbers are, beside a proclivity to perfection, is largely because my blood sugars rise sooo rapidly in the morning. Can I shut the barn door more quickly so I don’t have to do two boluses before breakfast? The first to merely blunt the rise. 

My new CDE put this on me in her office and what should have been a rather simple affair turned out to be quite a painful one. I wasn’t prepared for the tugging, gripping and sensation of tearing skin when this thing went in. In fact you’ll see quite a bit of redness around it which is my blood. My CDE told me it is not uncommon to bleed and not a problem. OK, but it didn’t exactly lift my spirits and it did make me utter, “Diabetes is not exactly a pain-free disease!”

When I left my CDE’s office, newly bionic, I walked about 20 blocks to meet a friend for lunch. Each footfall, I was overly aware of this gizmo dug into my side and the very fact that my walking was impacting my blood sugar. A weird thing for your brain to be so focused on an automatic body function. When I sat down to lunch I copped the banquette seat feeling vulnerable and exposed to any passer by who might ram into my poor abdomen. Well, it’s not really on my abdomen, but I don’t know what you’d call this side area.

Leaving the restaurant I began to experience my plastic gizmo differently. I felt somehow as though it was now my helpmate. As though I was not in this all alone anymore. I found this quite comforting and recognized it as a wholly new feeling.

Now, two days in, I’m used to my CGM, it doesn’t hurt but the five inches of sticky tape that’s holding it in place grips and pulls as I twist and turn. And while my plastic companion is (hopefully) tracking my numbers, so am I four times a day in a log book, along with carb counts and activities, just in case anything goes awry. 

I will keep you posted next week when gizmo comes off. It would be dandy to have learned something more than which pants slide easily over gizmo and which ones don’t.  

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