A new year with resolution, rather than resolutions


As this new year begins I have not made any New Year’s resolutions. Actually I never do. Not since turning old enough to realize they’re a cruel joke we play on ourselves. If I don’t keep them I’ll feel like a failure and if there’s something I really want to do, I’ll do it.  


One thing I have been doing these past few weeks, however, is re-reading the slew of posts that I’ve now written here over the last two years. Truth be told, I would barely change a word. What a nice feeling that’s been, and so has re-reading my own lessons been, which, yes, I benefit from as well as anyone. 


Here’s one that struck my fancy again especially because it reminds me to look for the good and believe in myself especially starting a new year. 


Posted November 18, 2008

What if we had to purchase happiness and self esteem the way we purchase most things? Would you value it more? Would you feel it more? Would you recognize it as a tangible commodity you owned? Would our lives be happier, easier, more joyful overall? It’s an interesting notion I think.


Somehow it seems negative emotions:  anger, fear, guilt, worry get more of our attention and feel more at home in our lives than positive emotions like happiness, hope, pride and success. Is it just fear of failure or something else at work? I don’t know, but if you had to pay for simple pleasures –  a sunny day and a clear blue sky, a field of flowers, to have the loved ones in your life that you do, the satisfaction of a job well done, a fun dinner with friends, coming home after an arduous trip, having your kids put an arm around you – would you enjoy these things more? 


I try these days, as too many of my contemporaries are getting ill and passing away, to recognize how fortunate I am and cherish the day and all it brings. 


Time passes much faster than it used to so I’m trying more and more to follow the words of a very wise man, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” These were Ghandi’s words. So, if you want to have love, be love. If you want to enjoy peace, be peace. If you want to find joy, be joy. If you want to see yourself live well with diabetes, live well with diabetes. 


And I think the way to appreciating things more is while not necessarily easy, pretty much as simple as what Christopher Robin said to Pooh: “You must remember this: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” Hmmm…that’s a lot to take in, and yet, some pretty good stuff to live by.


So as I start this new year and it stretches in front of me now pretty much a blank canvas, I’m going to try and remember my own words and those of Christopher Robin. After all, one of my true blessings is the company I keep – around the corner, virtually and in storybook form.

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