Imagine joy and humanity in a hospital

Humanizing illness in a flash

If you haven’t seen this video, Pink Glove Dance, that’s gone viral, take a look. It’s for breast cancer awareness and it will grab ahold of your heart. 

It upends our typical view of hospitals and everything we associate with them, and the music is a foot-stomper. 

You’ll find yourself smiling (even if you watch it more than once as I have) or find a tear or two has crept into your eyes as they have mine, as it reminds us just by its joyfulness of our connection, and the humanity we all share. 

Medline, the manufacturer of pink examination gloves, is making a significant contribution to the Providence St. Vincent Medical Center at the Portland hospital where the video was shot and offering free mammograms to the community when the video gets 1 million hits. Nice to see a company think outside the box.

The video’s already gotten almost 5 million hits, but that’s no reason not to add yours. Now we need one of these for diabetes awareness, don’t ya think?

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