The day of thanks

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We’ve tried it once, I think, instigated by my sister-in-law’s sister a few years back when she was pregnant with her first child at 40. We went around the table of 12 each saying what we’re thankful for. We got through about three and a half people before it all caved in and other conversations looped us elsewhere so that we never returned to the affair. 

So, in this space, I will say what I’m thankful for before anyone has a chance to divert me: 

The fact that each day I wake up to another day

My beloved husband, who has to remind me that rather than take a picture of something on a piece of paper and then drop it digitally onto my computer, that I can just scan it

My immediate family who still allow me to feel protected in the world

My dear friends who send me those annoying, trite emails because they care

My work which leaves me to never question what to do with my life – the single question that haunted me for years and years

My little home, that while I bemoan its size, I have one – and I love the leafy neighborhood it occupies

Seeing the world from Cleveland to Copenhagen, meeting new people who feel like old friends, and escaping New York City and coming home again

Great nights out discussing the world over good food and great wine

Books that take me away and films that bring me home, and vice versa

Adventures and surprises that show up now on a regular basis since I’m never quite sure where this life is taking me

That I still look relatively OK at 56 due to moderate living and my parents’ gene pool

My health, which outside of a few nicks and dents is pretty good

My ability to stay positive in a negative world

That I could come up with another bunch of stuff if I spent more time thinking about it…

and all of you who make what I do possible.

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