Today brings a new score for endo

In my last post I scored my new endocrinologist according to my own devised criteria.  The tally was: 6.75 out of 10. Today, I am raising that score as new information has arrived. 

This morning endo called me at home with my test results from the labs taken the day of my visit last week. First, I’m impressed by the call. My previous endo never called unless there was a problem. Second, I’m impressed endo called on Labor Day weekend. OK, maybe endo is working, but still it’s nice. And I’m a sucker for nice.

Third, endo gave me my results in plain English not medical gobeldigook and while endo expressed concern about one test result endo took a prudent attitude and recommended we revisit this next time we take this test. Efficient, endo also sounded a tad warmer than our first/last meeting. Also, endo is faxing my A1c result to the organization I requested last week. At first I was confused who endo was faxing my test result to because I had forgotten! So endo is on the ball. All tolled, I’m raising endo’s score to a full 7. 

You might think I should raise it to 8, but 8’s pretty special in my book out of only 10. Besides, I’m fairly confident endo may still go up on my score card as we continue to work together and I’m looking forward to see what I discover during more visits over the next few months. 


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