A strong chorus of voices, amid others, in the diabetes community

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 12.17.32 PMIt is now a few days since I’ve returned from the Roche Diabetes Care Social Summit and my inbox has been flooded with daily bursts from enthusiastic returning bloggers. There’s the sharing of all our blog posts as almost 29 people blogged about the conference, of course. And there’s everyone’s vote winging back and forth on the T-shirt in the works that Chris immediately went to work on to commemorate, I think not so much the working summit, but all of us meeting. 

I’ve been flickered, tweeted, googled and just learned what (#) means. I used to think it stood for “number” but apparently I have been sleeping through the past several nanoseconds. It’s a “hashtag,” a way to combine tweets on the same topic. But you knew that, didn’t you?

This email below came in today from one of my fellow bloggers at the summit and I had to smile reading it as it reminded me that while for a few hours we were heralded as the Diabetes “A” Team, we are all only figuring it out ourselves as we go along, every day, day by day.

A quick note to those of you on the bus from the (Roche) factory to the airport. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was having blood sugar issues on the ride. All I remember was a lot of talking and laughing. By the time I got to the gate, I was confused and didn’t know where I was. The next thing I knew, I was lying on the floor staring up at a group of airport employees, who trying to figure out “who is this crazy man, and why is he sleeping on my floor?” (I’m sure they thought I was drunk) After I muttered the word “diiiaaabetiiic”, a nice lady from behind the counter gave me some OJ. When I checked my blood, I thought my meter was malfunctioning. It read 38. I checked again, and my hypo event was confirmed. So…if I displayed any anti-social behavior on the bus, please forgive me.”

For those of you who’d like to read more accounts of this unprecedented event that Roche created here are a few of the many:

My Spin on the Roche/Diabetes Social Media Summit

Wait, You Wanted Pictures??

Roche Hosts Diabetes Care Social Media Summit – A Meeting of the Minds

Roche Diabetes Social Media Summit: My Turn

Diabetes Social Media Summit: my thoughts

As you’ll notice we all represent a wide range of personalities, interests, opinions, activism, but with one central tenant: We all share living with diabetes in an attempt to help others and also help ourselves. Below my fellow bloggers’ photo are all their web blogs.


  1. That would be me
  2. Ginger Vieira
  3. Kelly Kunik
  4. Fran Carpentier
  5. Calpumper
  6. Kitty Castellini
  7. Sandra Miller
  8. Christel Marchand
  9. David Edelman
  10. Brandy Barnes
  11. Bennet Dunlap
  12. Lee Ann Thill
  13. Allison Blass
  14. Gina Capone
  15. Jeff Hitchcock
  16. Kerri Morrone
  17. Manny Hernandez
  18. Chris Bishop
  19. Amy Tenderich
  20. Kelly Close
  21. Christopher Thomas
  22. Scott King
  23. Bernard Farrell
  24. Scott Strumello
  25. George Simmons
  26. Scott Johnson
  27. William Lee Dubois
  28. David Mendosa
  29. Charlie Cherry

(A special thanks to Sandra Miller for typing up this list.)


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