ADA Scientific Conference

UnknownThis year’s scientific news

The American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) 69th Scientific Conference began four days ago and closes today. This is the event of the year for the more than 14,000 scientists, clinicians, diabetes educators and exhibitors to get together and share their latest research findings and emerging new medicines, technologies and products. 

Many in the diabetes community are blogging and twittering about it including Amy Tenderich over at DiabetesMine, Kelly Close at Close ConcernsDavid MendosaManny Hernandez at TuDiabetes. Even the ADA has a Facebook page bringing you the highlights. 

Due to a report from Amy we know that mid-way during the conference there were already:

389 oral presentations

100 clinical symposia (more science talks)

104 late-breaking abstracts (papers submitted after the conference program was filled)

1,538 research posters

465 published abstracts (research synopses)

150+ exhibitors on one enormous exposition floor  

Much of the news you’ll find here portends what’s to come over the next year or two. Here are just a few posts among more information that I found interesting:

The Gene Effect

Diabetes Trailblazer Wins Banting Award

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

What you don’t know (about diabetes) can hurt you

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