Bracelet in hand, or rather on hand


If you’ve been following my search for, and acquisition of, my very first medic alert bracelet, you know I found one on American Medical ID. You’ll also know I bought just the plaque, the center part of the bracelet that holds the essential emergency information, and enlisted my friend who makes jewelry to make the actual chain.

While you can certainly order your bracelet with a chain, I figured it would be nice to have the chain be a little special. I also used that as an incentive to actually wear this new adornment.

So pictured here is the outcome. The top picture shows the bracelet with the plaque, it’s sterling silver and the information is on the back. There’s actually enough room between the plaque and my wrist that you don’t have to take the bracelet off, as I suspected someone would, to read the info. You can just flip it to the back side while still on my wrist. The second picture shows the two-toned chain I had my friend create.

I’m pretty happy. It’s a nice looking piece of jewelry and yet recognizable as a medical alert from the emblem. I have found the plaque, since it is heavier than the chain, tends to often fall to the side of my wrist or the underside of my wrist, amazing the smallest things we don’t think about. But I guess it doesn’t really matter. It’s there, where nothing was there before, and that matters more. 

As to my question of whether it would bother me to wear a constant reminder that I have diabetes, I actually haven’t found that it does. Maybe it’s because I’m still liking the bracelet I designed. To be honest, since I have made an agreement with myself that I will not take it off, since you know what will happen if I do–I’ll run out of the house on a short errand, not put it on, and something will happen where I’d need it–so far I notice soap has a tendency to find a home in the little links. Oh, well….

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