The continuing story of my medic alert bracelet

A few weeks back I mentioned that I read an article in Diabetes Health magazine, Medical ID Bracelets: The $15 Lifesavers that made me realize it was a foolish move on my part not to wear a medic alert bracelet, especially since I have enough lows to warrant it. Granted, I haven’t had a low yet in 37 years I couldn’t remedy myself, but why take chances?

So I did a lot of web searching looking at various bracelets trying to find the right one. One that would say, “Yes, I have a medical condition!!!” if need be, yet be somewhat attractive, in other words not make it look like I was a goner, or be downright ugly. My first choices, could easily be missed as an attractive piece of jewelry, beaded and dangly, pretty, but who would know I needed help? So I settled one from American Medical ID. They have a large selection of bracelets and offer engraving for free and will fit a lot of it on your bracelet as opposed to some other vendors. I chose a sterling silver plaque, $59.95, and I just received it in the mail. It took about three weeks from order to delivery and is engraved on the back with:

T1 Diabetes IDDM

Riva Greenberg, NYC

Call Mom below:

Mom’s phone number

I’m quite pleased with my bracelet so far, it’s small and shiny. My friend who makes jewelry volunteered to make me a lovely chain for it. I think I’ve managed to hit the right balance of “Look, I have a condition that needs care” and an unobtrusive, simple and fine piece of jewelry. The plaque doescome with a free chain or you can select from three chains all priced at $6.

Stay tuned. I’ll show you the whole thing once done. I’m actually looking forward to being able to wear this, and intend to leave it on my wrist once I put it there. 

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