50 Diabetes Myths soon at a store near you

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 11.19.37 AMInvaluable information coming this summer

O.K., I can’t tell you how exciting this is…well, actually I can and I will! I just finished the manuscript for my forthcoming book– 50 Diabetes Myths That Can Ruin Your Life: And the 50 Diabetes Truths That Can Save It. It will be out late June and in bookstores this summer. 

Yes, hunkered over this computer, I just wrote the last word, just looked at all 272 pages for the last time and just said to a friend, “Yes, I can meet you for dinner tomorrow.” No one’s heard that from me for quite a while.

21 top diabetes experts across the spectrum of diabetes care — food, medicine, fitness, psychology, technology, research and more — consulted with me so that you’ll have all the latest info, stories of fellow patients’ experiences, great, easy tips and, yes, even learn what I was startled to discover while writing this book. You’ll also get to know a lot of juicy stuff about me, but probably more important, (yes, only kidding) you’ll be amazed at the things you think are true, that aren’t–and that makes all the difference between just getting by and improving the quality of every day and very likely lengthening your life. Even a doctor friend who also gives presentations to fellow diabetics said while reviewing my draft that he couldn’t believe how much he didn’t know. 

So mark your calendar to get your copy of the only book that clears up the confusion, exclusively, about diabetes myths. Am I shamelessly selling you my book? You bet! But then I wouldn’t have spent a year of my life writing it if I didn’t believe it will make a huge difference to your life. 

If you think any of these are true, you owe it to yourself to read this book: 

Type 2 diabetes isn’t as serious as type 1 

There’s no real relief for the tingling/burning in my feet 

I can’t eat my favorite foods

Diabetes has nothing to do with my teeth 

If I have to use insulin I’ve failed 

Plus 45 more intriguing “myths” and “truths” all coming your way in July. Hmmm…guess it was a good thing I used to be in advertising. 

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