…And then I was 36 mg/dl!

I shoulda known some drama was coming. After all, my fluctuating blood sugars have been on my mind these days on the road, as evidenced by the post below. 

So here it was yesterday another beautiful morning in Sydney and I took my first plunge in the pool: 30 laps – mind you they’re mini laps given the size of the pool. Yet apparently I experienced a delayed low, or a stacking problem taking two many mini injections back to back. At one point when I thought I was dropping, I grabbed a piece of a fruit scone only to discover, no, I was going up! So, I dosed another unit of apidra which two hours later had me breathing shallowly and testing to discover my blood sugar was 36!

The husband jumped into sound panic mode. I said, “Go downstairs and bring me a glass of juice. I’ll be O.K.” (or so I hoped). Moments later the juice arrived, the husband was playing watchful nurse and according to the ‘The Rule of 15 ‘(15 grams of fast-acting carb and test in 15 minutes for a low) 15 minutes after downing the juice I was a splendid 82, and 15 minutes later a stable 119. And so today it’s ferrying into the city, meeting friends for lunch, testing, calculating, and so it goes, and goes and goes…………

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