Holiday Gift: Free diabetes center in New York City

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 1.56.25 PMLeopard, tiger, you get the idea — one scary cat, waiting

The Friedman Diabetes Institute, part of Beth Israel Medical Center, opened last month in Manhattan. They’re located at 317 East 17th Street on the 8th Floor. All you need is a doctor’s referral to make an appointment and avail yourself of their free services. There are diabetes education classes and consults, as well as a nutritionist, exercise physiologist and diabetes nurse educator at your service. Did I say free?

December’s calendar shows weekly exercise classes being led by High Voltage, fitness guru whose ‘Energy Up’ program is helping school age kids in New York City get fitter. Trust me, there’s no other name for her spirit and passion. There are support groups for type 1s and type 2s, classes in medications, healthy holiday eating and footcare.

Did I say all this is free? What are you waiting for? If you live in the New York City  area run on those feet you want to protect and learn, learn, learn — check out your heart, your diet, your knowledge, make some new friends and get started on a healthy right foot in 2008.

Since the 1990’s more diabetes clinics have closed in New York City than are open. This is one of the few centers we have. Did I say it’s free?

Note: I found this quote on Scott’s Web log and as I think about getting the information you need to be healthy it seems so apt:

“Living with diabetes is like living with a tiger. If you feed it, groom it, never turn your back on it; you can live with a tiger. If you neglect it; it’ll pounce on you and rip you to shreds.” By Wil “Printcrafter”

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