Give diabetes a hand



A friend sent me news of The Global Diabetes Handprint initiative, a fund raising event sponsored by OneTouch® Brand Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems in collaboration with the Diabetes Hands Foundation. They’re raising awareness of diabetes and funding two not-for-profit organizations if you’ll give them a hand.  

Draw a word on your hand, take a photo and submit it to their site, or if you prefer not to walk around all day with streaky fingers, you can create a word on a virtual hand on their site

Either way choose a word that expresses what diabetes means to you. OneTouch will donate $5 (up to a maximum of $250,000) toward Taking Control of Your Diabetes or Diabetes Education and Camping Association, your choice.

This initiative is open to anyone of any age with or without diabetes and ends March 31st. So get off your duff and give diabetes education a hand.


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