The mystery of my micro-managing frenzy

don’t know what’s gotten into me lately but for the last several days I seem to be testing my blood sugar almost hourly, micro-managing with a never before gusto.

If I eat what I think merits a half unit of insulin I’ll test and shoot up, even if dinner is only an hour away.

My post-prandial checks have shrunk from two hours to one, I can’t get enough information about how everything impacts my blood sugar.

I’m almost obsessive; if I were a gambler, I’d have already blown a million on black jack, if I were a drug addict I’d be stuffing packets into carved out Statues of Liberty for export, if I were a sex addict I’d be too tired to think and if I had OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder, yes, if, I’d still be washing my hands and never have them free to write another blog.

What’s happening? I suspect I like knowing where I am and feeling I can keep my blood sugar within target range almost all the time.

I think it all began two weeks ago when I noticed my blood sugar rising dramatically in the morning if I hadn’t had any wine the night before.

I joke that I use wine as part of my blood sugar management for it lowers my blood sugar as any pure alcohol will, except of course the obvious carb-loaded culprits like beer, mixed drinks (by virtue of the mixer) and liquores.

Not only does a glass or two of wine with dinner inhibit my blood sugar from rising, it lowers my blood sugar (bs) overnight and sustains a lower blood glucose reading and rise the next morning that lasts from the time I awake around 7 AM to the time I might eat breakfast closer to 9 AM.

I have even worked out how to accommodate the overnight drop so I don’t wake at 3 AM with the shakes as my bs lowers; I make sure my glucose level is around 130 or 140 before retiring.

But, after giving up the vino for a week, just too busy and needing a clearer than usual head, I saw that the inhibition of my morning bs rise was also gone. My lovely blood sugar read of 75 upon waking was 130 an hour later and 180 two hours later without doing a bloody, single thing. So I began testing in mini increments of time to watch what was happening and began to divide my rapid acting breakfast dose in two, sometimes three injections.

Typically I now take one or one and a half units upon waking ( of my 3.5 unit breakfast dose) if I’m not going to be eating breakfast for an hour or so. This blunts my rise significantly and then I’ll take the other two-thirds of my dose shortly before my bowl of oatmeal.

I think in hindsight this bird’s eye view into what my sugar’s doing almost moment to moment has been mesmerizing and made me very aware of the benefits of micro management. So much so, I began blunting rises throughout the day with more small doses and I can’t seem to stop. Well, I guess until they lock me up. (So there’s no confusion I continue to take my long-acting Lantus upon waking as I always have.)

Yes, you pump people are going to tell me, “Get a pump!” and I do realize I am enacting what a friend once told me is “the poor man’s pump” only I’ve raised it to an art, must be the beggerman’s pump, not just multiple injections but multiple, multiple injections.

So, yes, I began to look adoringly at an ad I saw the other day for Animas pumps. They seem to have gotten behind One Touch’s mini meters that come in hot colors and added the same pink and green color pump to their signature line.

The pink is awfully appealing, so appealing I thought as I usually do, I’ll do it when it’s half the size….. Unfortunately the idea of 24/7 hook up to a machine still isn’t as appealing as its color.

So, I’m wondering now how long this micro-managing phase will last. Maybe it’s just a micro period in decades of diabetes doings. Surely it can’t last forever, there are meals to be cooked, a house to be cleaned, work to be done. Not to mention the multitude of little red injection dots showing up on my abdomen, thighs and rear.

Then again, if I notice I’m playing connect the dots with my injection pricks and come up with the face of our next President I’ll let you know.

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