Life with diabetes, day 13,140

What happens when you have a bad cold and sore throat, you’re going twice a week for physical therapy for ankle tendonopathy, your upstairs neighbor had a fire and water is leaking through your kitchen ceiling and the insurance guy has just said, “Better fix this quick or you’ll have a mold problem!”  and you’re worried your editor thinks you’re a ditz while you’re working so hard you feel like you’re running just to stay in place? I’ll tell you what happens, your blood sugar goes up for the umpteenth time.

Ah, but since these are a new grouping of potential causes than the usual, from what is my sugar rising? Which can I change to have it come down again? The cold will tell me in two weeks, the fire damage may take considerably longer. The book issue is an ongoing event till December 15. 

Or is my blood sugar up because of the cumulative effect of all this stress? Or, because due to all this stress I’ve fallen woefully far from my exacting eating regimen, (yes, my knife is edging more of that halvah off that wedge and the rings around my stomach seem to be multiplying), and we know the ankle has kept me off my power walking track for hmm…3 months now…

If I didn’t have such a blasted headache right now I’m sure I could clearly see the answer to my query. Or, maybe not. Day thirteen thousand, one hundred and forty with diabetes. Will this record ever end?

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